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I have mulled over how to avoid this day for several weeks now. As I type this email, I find myself fighting back tears as I know the amount of work, dedication and commitment each member of this team and all our amazing instructors have put in over the last nearly 5 years. I’ve seen the sleepless nights, hours of sweat, blood and tears that have gone into this event, and the amount of personal sacrifice this team has made to make this conference successful.

That said, it grieves me to inform you that we are unfortunately cancelling the 2024 North Florida Fire Expo due to financial and logistical reasons.

The decision to pull the plug on this labor of love has been one of the hardest professional decisions I’ve ever made. We pulled all the punches this year and have tried everything we could do to avoid having to cancel the event. We held out as long as we practically could hoping the tides would turn. Yet, in the end it wasn’t enough to keep the doors open.

I take full responsibility for this decision and the consequences thereof. I feel like I’ve failed each of you, and for that I am truly sorry. 

I want you to know that I appreciate each and every one of you for believing in what we were trying to do this year. It means a lot to be surround with such an amazing group of firefighters, instructors and friends.

Please be patient as we work to process all of the refunds over the next few weeks.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Take care and God bless.


Nick Peppard, President

North Florida Fire Expo

phone#: 850-374-2296


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