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Developing High Performance

Ric Jorge

Developing High Performance (DHP) is a class designed to focus on thought processing, reaction, retention, and arousal control. Utilizing techniques developed by the sporting industry, adapted to the military and law enforcement agencies these techniques have been adapted specifically for the fire service in Developing High Performance (DHP). The class is run 24 hrs consecutively (yes, nonstop). Students should come PREPARED as if they are going on shift (pack as if you are going to a new station for a 24 hr shift). Bring FULL PPE, your bedding (don't bother with bedding you won't be sleeping, so leave your "wubby" at home), change of cloths, plenty of socks and undergarments, medications, bandaids/mole skin, and any special needs that you may have. The effects of the class will be felt into the next day. Do not make plans for 48 hours after the start of this class. It is recommended to pre-hydrate and get plenty of rest the day before class. Be prepared to go through technological withdrawal, the use of phones/computers/Inspector Gadget watches and the like is strongly regulated (pronounced: eliminated). In case of emergency a central contact number will be provided by the facility hosting the class and passed along to the students as they sign up for the class. The student should then pass it along to their significant others (family/wife/kids/etc). This will be the only way to reach the student in case of emergency or urgency. The student/instructor ratio max is 3:1 in group exercises, and it is 1:1 ratio on individual endeavors.

Engine Company Playbook *Live Fire*

Trey Nelms & Nelms Fire Company Cadre

At every fire a line must be stretched! No matter the building construction or the occupancy type, this action must be taken. In this class we will take a no nonsense approach to the coveted “Engine Company Playbook”. Do you call the correct play to meet the needs of the fire? Do you contain the ability to call an audible when necessary? The Engine Company Playbook focuses on first due tactics, efficient methods of fire attack, and alternative methods when the preconnect just wont cut it. This course will give participants “options” for success. We will cover multiple ways to set-up lines that will work for you regardless of your manpower. We will discuss target flow rates, attack packages, and estimating the stretch. We will also make some alternate stretches, and discuss decision making for fires in private and multi-family dwellings. Every occupancy type, residential, commercial, and high-rise, has its own challenges. We will discuss these challenges and how to call the right play. This class is not your “cookie cutter” class. It will allow students to practice and refine both their Engine Company skills and their fireground decision-making. This hands-on program incorporates aggressive Engine Company operations and real-world scenarios. Our instructors will share fireground tested tips and tricks to help make your engine company more effective, regardless of size or staffing. It’s time to start building your playbook for game time!

Extrication Elevated

Steve Kimker & Rescue Redefined Cadre

Rapid stabilization, and lifting in complicated scenarios. Time critical rapid extrication of patients in challenging scenarios. We utilize multiple setups from real life incidents to demonstrate and perfect the advanced knowledge/techniques rescuers need to rapidly stabilize/lift/move vehicles in order to provide the fastest extrication times. We teach critical time management, making every move result in survivable space and rapid extrication for our patients. Many “instructors” teach you how to pop a door, cut a roof, or lift a dash in older cars. We incorporate modern vehicle construction and patients into scenarios and perform life saving bleeding control, crush injury treatment and airway management into this course. Multiple teaching stations to demonstrate and practice all techniques and understand new vehicle construction. Final scenarios to bring everything learned together!

Firefighter Rescue (Live Smoke)

Eric Allen & FAST Cadre

This course will give the student a systematic approach to dealing with the worst case scenario of a fire fighter that is unconscious, unresponsive, not breathing in an IDLH. The students will learn how to do a rapid assessment and a thorough report. Students will go over a multitude of drags, lifts, and carries. Then we will add in HRDs (Hasty Rescue Devices). The students will also be taught Fire Fighter CPR. This will allow them to be able to deliver their brother or sister to advance medical care so they can worked on immediately.

Machine Rescue

Heath Haywood & Ryan Gates

Pack your lunch, kiss the family goodbye, and come get some. Machinery rescue is down and dirty, hands- on work. Mitigate scenarios, face common machinery entrapments, and have some fun.

Soup to Nuts Search Academy (Live Smoke)

Dustin Martinez & Reformation Fire Training

The “Soup to Nuts” Search and Rescue Academy is implementing an aggressive approach to fire ground search fundamentals. This class will provide an insight to engine company, truck company and squad company search techniques for our top incident priority on the fire ground. This intense course will cover size up, innovative search and rescue techniques, life victim drags and carries and live victim ladder removals. Other techniques include live fire exercises with multiple VES opportunities and traditional search methods. This course is about refining our commitment to the citizens in which we serve. In fireman’s terms, this class will go over how to get in, find them, and get them out.

Urban Forcible Entry (Live Smoke)

Robert James & Capitol Fire Training Cadre

Forcible entry tools and tactics have been around for ages. The need for keeping up with the ever so-changing game of forcing our way through things on the street is changing on us fast, and we have to be prepared. This interactive, forcible entry program is designed to teach the firefighter no matter the level of experience the main, basic and advanced principles of street smart forcible entry. This program focuses on new and older, but yet safe, street approved methods and techniques for conventional forcible entry tactics. During this time we will discuss and show techniques for making entry through and around locks, for both residential and commercial structures. Students will also learn quick access into urban steel roll gates and how to defeat the locks and locking mechanisms for them. Overcoming street hatches, additional security features like drop bars, slide bolts, burglar bars and modified locks will be covered as well. Because this class is an interactive class, students will be faced with forcible entry scenarios and explain how they would overcome the challenges as well.

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