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Urban Forcible Entry (Live Smoke)

Robert James & Capitol Fire Training Cadre

Urban Forcible Entry  (Live Smoke)

Forcible entry tools and tactics have been around for ages. The need for keeping up with the ever so-changing game of forcing our way through things on the street is changing on us fast, and we have to be prepared. This interactive, forcible entry program is designed to teach the firefighter no matter the level of experience the main, basic and advanced principles of street smart forcible entry. This program focuses on new and older, but yet safe, street approved methods and techniques for conventional forcible entry tactics. During this time we will discuss and show techniques for making entry through and around locks, for both residential and commercial structures. Students will also learn quick access into urban steel roll gates and how to defeat the locks and locking mechanisms for them. Overcoming street hatches, additional security features like drop bars, slide bolts, burglar bars and modified locks will be covered as well. Because this class is an interactive class, students will be faced with forcible entry scenarios and explain how they would overcome the challenges as well.

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