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Maximizing Our Impact

Jeremy Sanders

Maximizing Our Impact

Making a positive impact on the fire service is something we are all constantly striving for. Unfortunately, at the same time we find ourselves confined by both internal and external limitations and some of these we never even realize. This class cuts through all the normal copouts we like to place blame on such as: bad leadership, restrictive policies, lack of time, and so on to deal with the real issues that are holding us back.

Maximizing Your Impact is about using essential factors such as Connection, Vulnerability, Respect, and Humility as force multipliers to help us reach our full potential in the impact we can have on others. We will also dig into how we can win the war within and overcome the factors in our own heads that are holding us back. To truly maximize our impact, we have to embrace the significance of our journey and the lessons that we are learning on it because it is leading us to finding the message that will help us to reach and inspire others.

The amount of positive impact that we can have on the fire service is only limited by our willingness to stretch beyond our comfort zone.

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