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Tailboard Leadership: Leading From Bottom To Top

Ljay Geist

Tailboard Leadership: Leading From Bottom To Top

Tailboard Leadership:Leading From Bottom To Top is a lecture class LJay Geist created after dealing with both good and bad leadership in the fire service. What started out as a discussion with a good friend quickly turned into his first opportunity to present a lecture at the Mid America FOOLS Conference in Oklahoma City in October of 2021. Since, he has had the opportunity to present this lecture in seven different states.

This lecture and PowerPoint discusses the importance of informal leadership at the firefighter level all the way to formal leadership through Company Officers and Chiefs. It’s a great lecture to open the eyes of many departments on the importance of informal leadership,training, and equipping the future of the fire service with great leaders.

It’s up to everyone one of us to lead the way. Whether around the firehouse or on the battle ground, our mission matters. That starts with good leadership at every level within your organization. Every person of every rank is sure to take something valuable away from this class.

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