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Christopher Naum

Chief Christopher J. Naum, SFPE Chief of Training, Command Institute | Center for Fireground Leadership Technical Consultant, NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation Program Fireground Command & Operations Consultant

Christopher J. Naum, SFPE is a 48-year fire service veteran and a highly regarded national and international lecturer, keynote speaker, author and fire officer, he is a distinguished authority on building sciences and architectural construction issues affecting the fireground operations, command and tactics and has traveled extensively throughout the United States and internationally delivering training programs on building performance, construction and firefighting, fireground leadership, command management and operational safety. Chief Naum is well-known across the North American fire service as a leading authority on building construction and evolving risks as well as strategies and tactics in the built environment and today’s demanding fireground and has been lecturing and instructing throughout the United States and internationally for over thirty-seven years. His previously service included Fire Command, Fire Protection & Safety at a US nuclear power plant, over twenty years in field operations & suppression as a commanding company officer in New York and Training, Fire Academy and College academic curricula administration and management. He is the Chief of Training for the Command Institute and served as a Vice President with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors and a past member of the Board of Directors, IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section. He was a 27 year Contributing Editor with Firehouse Magazine and where he authored the Buildings on Fire column and Buildingsonfire series, and a Contributing Editor with He served as an adjunct Instructor with the National Fire Academy and was a National Fallen Firefighter Foundation, Everyone Goes Home Firefighter Safety Advocate. A former architect and fire protection engineer he was the 1987 Fire Engineering and ISFSI George D. Post National Fire Instructor of the Year and is a Technical Consultant, Advisor and Subject Matter Expert to the NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program and Firefighter LODD Reports contributing in-depth insights on building performance, structural compromise and collapse and operational recommendations to numerous line- of-duty death reports over the last fourteen years. His supporting report graphics and illustrations have added tremendous value to the report findings and recommendations supporting his comprehensive insights and analysis. He is a Board member of the National Fire Academy Alumni Association-NFAAA and has been a contributing author, presenter, and podcast host on numerous fire service websites, publications, and conferences in the United States and Internationally.



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