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Randy Feltner

Randy Feltner currently serves as a Battalion Chief with Naval District Washington Fire and Emergency Services. He has 23 years’ experience in Fire and EMS both as a career and volunteer firefighter. He is a graduate of the 2017 Virginia Fire Officers Academy and the 2018 Virginia Chief Officers Academy where he currently serves as a staff member and presenter. He graduated from Columbia Southern University with an M.S. Emergency Services Management and a B.S. Fire Service Administration. He is a Health and Wellness Advocate for Firefighters and a Peer Fitness Trainer. He is a Survivor of a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest while on duty in 2018. Since his cardiac event he has become a spokesperson for Survivors Have Heart which is a support and advocacy group for Heart Attack Survivors nationwide. He has presented on Leadership and Health/Wellness at State Conferences in Maryland and Virginia as well as workshops in the DC Metro area. In 2023 he has spoken at workshops and conferences in South Carolina and Georgia.



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