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Steve Kimker

Steve Kimker retired from Richmond Heights Fire Department after serving for 25 years. The last 5 years he served as the training captain, in the central core of St. Louis County, Missouri. For 19 years, Steve was a lead instructor for the St. Louis County Fire Academy. He is a Level II instructor and Lead Evaluator for the Missouri Division of Fire Safety, teaching and evaluating classes in multiple disciplines on a regional, state, and national level. He has AAS degree in Fire Science from ECC and is an Advanced Tactical Paramedic. Additionally, Steve specializes in teaching vehicle extrication, tactical medicine, technical rescue, swift water rescue, and SCBA.

Teaching Vehicle Rescue and Tactical EMS classes Internationally has allowed Steve to hone his skills and techniques. His attention to detail and street-smart approach to vehicle extrication enables him to take complicated situations and break them down into a streamlined approach. One of Steve's biggest strengths is helping students learn to remain calm during challenging situations. His strength in teaching students to calmly evaluate, plan, and execute real-life scenarios provides them the opportunity to develop their skill sets in order to perfect their techniques.


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